ASEC Letter on Systemic and Historical Racism and State-Sanctioned Racial Violence in the United States

Please see the letter, copied below, from the Academic Senate Executive Committee (ASEC) on the systemic and historical racism and state-sanctioned racial violence in the United States. This letter was read at the East Campus Black Lives Matter and Pride March/Rally on 6/19/2020 and sent out to all CSUMB faculty on June 23, 2020. There is a also a link to a copy of the letter at the Academic Senate website.

Click to access letter-from-asec-systemic-and-historical-racism-final.pdf


New CSUMB Academic Senate Blog

Welcome to the new blog of the Academic Senate at California State University, Monterey Bay. This blog is an experiment in improving communications from the Academic Senate to CSUMB faculty and other interested parties. The leadership of the Academic Senate receives a lot of information at both the campus and system level. Much more information than can be covered during Senate meetings or would be relevant enough to send to all faculty. This blog is meant to fill this gap.

Official communications of CSUMB’s Academic Senate will still be posted on the  Academic Senate’s campus website or from the Senate’s official email account,  This blog should not be taken as the position or as reflecting the views of the Faculty at CSUMB.

Blog posts will include campus and system-wide news and announcements, written reports and presentations received by the Senate on behalf of the Faculty, or notices of events. This blog will also be used as a way to provide context for Senate business and initiatives.

At this point in time, this blog is not meant to be a two-way communications tool. Comments, concerns, or questions should still be presented at Senate meetings, to a senate representative, to ASEC, or to the Chair of the Academic Senate.

Thank you,

Michael B. Scott
Chair, Academic Senate, 2017-19