ASCSU December Special Meeting

The ASCSU held a special session on Friday, December 4, 2020 to complete the agenda from the November 2020. The following items were discussed and acted on during the session.

AS 3446 Accommodating Changes to GE in Transfer Model Curricula (TMC) PASSED

The recently promulgated changes to CSU General Education (GE) requirements to reduce Area D by three units and produce a new system-wide Area F requirement may impact existing Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) and CSU campus determinations of similarity. ASCSU requests the CSU facilitate and support disciplinary meetings for CSU faculty with their Community Colleges (CCC) disciplinary colleagues as part of SB1440 programmatic review processes.  

Although the ASCSU is on record as preferring that implementation of AB1460 as a simple graduation requirement, this resolution provides guidance on implementation of the CSU Title V changes (November 2020).  

AS 3448 The Need for Student Academic Records to Document the Governing Transfer Model Curriculum for Associate Degree for Transfer PASSED

The ASCSU recognizes any changes to the Transfer Model Curricula (TMC) may yield changes to the determination of similarity for a CSU program.  The ASCSU requests the Office of the Chancellor of the CSU pursue developing a means for determining and including the version of the ADT on the student CSU academic records. Any differentiation in General Education content by catalog rights needs to be integrated into CSU student academic records.

AS 3453 Drawing Attention to the Dr. Johan S. Bissel Memorial Scholarship PASSED

This resolution encourages awareness and support for the Joan Bissel Memorial Scholarship. 

AS 3459 In Solidarity with Armenian and Armenian-American CSUB Students, Faculty, and Staff Regarding Violence in the Nagorno-Karabakh Region TABLED

The Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) condemns the incursion of Azerbaijan’s military into the majority Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh region. This resolution was tabled based on concerns of potentially isolating students, faculty, and staff. A peace treaty has been signed in the region. 

AS 3462 Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) Opposition and Amendments to Title V Ethnic Studies First Reading/Waiver Policy  PASSED

The resolution reaffirms the ASCSU’s AS-3452 Opposition to the CSU Board of Trustees’ Changes to Title 5 and CSU Chancellor’s Office Proposal for Implementing AB1460: The Ethnic Studies Requirement. The ASCUS expresses disappointment at the unwillingness to engage in appropriate governance conversations demonstrated by Chancellor’s Office executives and staff as well as with the Chancellor’s Office’s decision to ignore the fact that many campus senates provided alternatives to the implementation plans proposed by the Chancellor’s Office as part of their feedback even though the form provided by the Chancellor’s Office did not request such alternatives thereby skirting shared governance and faculty primacy in curriculum development 

The ASCSU requests that the CSU Board of Trustees honor faculty purview over Ethnic Studies by implementing it as a graduation requirement and amend Title V by eliminating the new Area F in GE Breadth, the 3-unit reduction in General Education (GE) Area D, and the restriction of the new Ethnic Studies requirement to lower division courses 

This will allow the CSU to engage in genuine shared governance among all interested parties. 

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact Ryne Leuzinger or Vanessa Lopez-Littleton.

Author: Stirring up Trouble by DrVLoLil

I am a social justice educator sharing my perspectives on issues affecting Black folks in the U.S. These issues are important to me, not simply because I am a Black woman, but because disparities are manifestations of deeper societal ills. So, if keeping racial justice issues in the mouths of many yields any reduction, I am delighted to stir up a little bit of trouble. Good trouble. Necessary trouble.

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