ASCSU November Plenary Update

The ASCSU  November plenary convened virtually November 5-6th, 2020. The plenary agenda and  minutes are attached to this report along with the agenda and minutes from the special session of the ASCSU held on November 13th.

The following information is provided as a brief overview of the plenary.

Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (AEDI) 

The ASCSU formed the AEDI in Spring 2021. The overarching goal of the committee is to identify ways in which the ASCSU might advance its equity, diversity, and inclusion goals of the ASCSU. Over the next several months, the committee will work with various committees and ASCSU Executive Committee to meet the objectives laid out in AS-3404-19/EX (Rev)

Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)

A detailed report filed by the Committee Chair is included here

Lisa Qing (CSU Student Financial Aid) & Jennifer Pacella (Deputy Legislative Analyst: Higher Education) – Legislative Analyst’s Office 

Lisa and Jennifer joined us to gather responses to the question: How are your campuses and/or departments managing the budget reductions for 2020-21? Some of the responses from the various campuses included:

-Class size increases

-Reduced or no staff support

-Increase workload

-Reduced sections of support

-Laying off staff

-Fewer faculty to support student research

-Hiring chill, cancelled faculty recruitment in the spring, few this academic year

-Campuses were concerned about enrollment, but enrollment has actually increased

-Reserves will mostly be exhausted by the end of this academic year

-Auxiliaries (housing and parking) are hit especially hard

-Temporary staff contracts are not being renewed

-Furloughs are being talked about for next year

-Athletics, especially Division 1 football, is a financial drain on some campuses

-Women of color have been especially hit hard by workload and general burnout

-Basic technology is being provided, but unclear about more specialized equipment and the sustainability of this into the future

Timothy P. White – CSU Chancellor

Received a commendation for his 8+ years of leadership of the CSU, including the delay of his retirement during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. 

During his presentation, Chancellor White openingly considered the future of the CSU and how we learn and grow from our experiences over the past several months. In his consideration, Chancellor White wondered if the perhaps courses that were predominantly face to face, might shift to hybrid. He wondered if perhaps up to 50% of the courses would be online. If so, this could reduce some of the capital costs with additional resources being available for faculty. He also mentioned that shifting courses to online could reduce commuting time, carbon foot-print, and help housing price issues in high cost of living areas. More badges and certificates will respond to students’ needs and generate revenue for the CSU. These views were also echoed by Lillian Kimbell, Chair, CSU Board of Trustees. 

Plenary Resolutions

The following resolutions were addressed during the September plenary: 

AS-3440-20 Culturally-Responsive, Antiracist Mental Health Services and Well-Being are Critical to CSU Success. Passed

AS-3445-20 Addition of Dedicated Seats for Contingent Faculty Senate. Failed   

AS-3447-20 Call for Consultation on Academic Implications of Systemwide Fiscal Decisions. Passed

AS-3451-20 On the Occasion of the Retirement of Chancellor Timothy P. White. Passed

AS-3452-20 Opposition to the CSU Board of Trustees’ Changes to Title 5 and CSU Chancellor’s Office Proposal for Implementing AB 1460: the Ethnic Studies Requirement Passed

AS-3452-20 Acknowledging Campus Senates’ Resolutions on AB 1460: Recommendations for Implementing the Ethnic Studies. Passed

AS-3460-20/AA Adopting the Amended Recommended Core Competencies for Ethnic Studies First Reading/Waiver. Passed

This brief report is intended to update you on some of the important happenings in the statewide academic senate. Please contact Ryne Leuzinger or Vanessa Lopez-Littleton for additional information or questions.

Author: Stirring up Trouble by DrVLoLil

I am a social justice educator sharing my perspectives on issues affecting Black folks in the U.S. These issues are important to me, not simply because I am a Black woman, but because disparities are manifestations of deeper societal ills. So, if keeping racial justice issues in the mouths of many yields any reduction, I am delighted to stir up a little bit of trouble. Good trouble. Necessary trouble.

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