ASCSU September 2019 Update


The following report is intended to update you on some the conversations happening in the statewide academic senate.

ASCSU Chair’s Report September2019

BoT Report July 2019

Qualitative Reasoning Requirement Update

The September Board of Trustees has proposed adding a 4th year of quantitative reasoning to CSU admissions requirements.  Many, including representatives from CFA and California Teachers Association (CTA), are concerned with the disparate impact this policy may have students of color (Latinx, African American) and students who attend school in underserved communities. Click here to access the CSU Board of Trustee’s Committee on Educational Policy video (September 24-25, 2019)

AB 1460

The ASCSU passed Towards Implementation of an Ethnic Studies System Requirement. This resolution is the first step in fulfilling the ASCSU promise made during our advocacy against AB 1460 (Weber) to take up the Ethnic Studies Task Force Report recommendation for a systemwide ethnic studies graduation requirement. That promise was made in response to legislative pressure to take up the issue, intense legislative support for some version of such a requirement and as a strategy to stave off legislative intrusion into the curriculum. AB1460 did not make it out of the Senate Appropriations Committee, but it was designated as a “two year bill,” which means that the author has an opportunity to bring the bill back to try and get it through the legislature a second time. The campuses are in the process of responding to requests from the Chancellor’s office on the ethnic studies requirements at CSUMB. If you have questions or comments, please connect with one of your campus senators.

Anti-bias Training for the CSU and UC campuses

As you may recall, the 2018 California Budget Act included an appropriation of $1,200,000 on a one-time basis to “contract for a two-year pilot program to provide anti-bias training for administrators, faculty, staff, and student leaders at campuses of the University of California and the California State University.”

The UC/CSU anti-bias training pilot program has four key learning outcomes:

1) Raising Awareness: This includes learning about personal biases and
understanding how biases may influence behavior and decision making at the

2) Application to Organizational-Level Change: Participants will be able to draw a
connection between social group biases (positive and negative) and the impact
they have on university policies, procedures and population-specific outcomes.

3) Tools and Strategies for Disrupting Bias: The training will introduce participants to
tools and strategies for mitigating harmful bias in their functional area. They will
learn how to change or disrupt attitudinal and procedural patterns that perpetuate
multiple forms of biases.

4) Practice: Participants will receive ample opportunities to practice the tools and
strategies for disrupting multiple forms of biases.

More Information

For more information on the actions of the ASCSU, a detailed report is provided here.

Resolutions passed during the September plenary may be found here. (Sort by date.)

If you have questions, require more detailed information, or would like to have an issue taken to statewide senate, please reach out to one or both of your statewide senators (Scott Waltz and Vanessa Lopez-Littleton).

Have a wonderful semester!

Vanessa Lopez-Littleton & Scott Waltz