Curricular Planning Update, September 29, 2018

There were a number of issues and situations addressed in by curricular committees on Friday, September 28, 2018.

Minor Changes for UR Courses in the Administrative Update Master Course List

Courses that meet a UR requirement through the administrative update do not have to submit additional documentation if they are changing up to 2 units, and/or changing corequisites or prerequisites. These courses still must be submitted through Course Consent.

This means if a department or school would like to make a minor change to a UR course listed in the Administrative Update Master Course List, they would:

  1. Submit the course in Course Consent.
  2. Indicate the changes, which are
    • up to 2 units and/or
    • corequisites or prerequisites.
  3. No other documentation is required, e.g., a course syllabus or proposal form.

GE courses Exceeding 3 Units

In exceptional cases when a GE course also fulfills an MLO, requests can be made for an exemption from the 3-unit criterion with a written rationale based on the following:

  1. Academic necessity in relation to the MLO as demonstrated by common practice at other institutions
  2. Degree completion efficiency
  3. For Lower Division GE courses, document the consistency with the CA Community College system

Prerequisites for GE Courses

Based on EO 1100 and recommendations by the GECC, the Provost’s office has approved  prerequisites for GE courses in the following cases:


Prerequisites for lower-division GE courses are assumed to be met by high school a-g coursework and admission to the CSU except for sequenced Area B courses, language courses, and placement tests. For sequenced courses, the first course in a sequence should not have additional prerequisites. Petitions for exceptions may be considered by the GE Curriculum Committee.


Prerequisites for upper-division GE courses are the Golden Four (A1, A2, A3, and B4). Other prerequisites must be reflective of the skills and abilities beyond the Golden Four necessary for the course.  In such cases, a prerequisite for an upper division GE course is assumed to be to be a GE-certified course.

As a reminder, Monday October 1, 11:59 pm is the department deadline for Course Consent entry. Courses should be forwarded from department to college curriculum committee by this date, although edits can be made by colleges after this date (or items can be returned to submitter for corrections), no additional courses can be added to the queue after October 1.


Author: Michael B. Scott

Professor of Mathematics and Academic Senate Chair at California State University, Monterey Bay

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