Curricular Planning Update, September 21, 2018

Now that Course Consent is back online, here is another curricular update.

All course proposal forms are now available including GE Area C, UDSL, and WCL on the GE and UR Interim Learning Outcomes and Criteria Master .

Upper Division Service Learning (UDSL) will use the previous D4 outcomes for this Course Consent cycle. The UDSL course proposal form has been updated accordingly. If you are submitting a UDSL course, please contact Deb Burke, if you haven’t already.

World Culture/Language (WCL) have been formally approved by the URCC and SCCC. The criteria were revised and the WCL course proposal form has been updated. If you are submitting a WCL course, please contact Yoshiko Saito-Abbott, if you haven’t already.

Colleges, schools, divisions, and departments are doing the final vetting of the Ethnic Studies Administrative Update and the Upper Division D UDSL Administrative Update. This process will be completed by the end of business today. A list of all administratively updated courses will be made available to the campus early next week so programs can start aligning their pathways to approved courses the new curricular model.

Remember October 1 is a hard deadline for departments to submit courses to Course Consent.

Please keep in mind the GECC, URCC, and the SCCC are trying to be as supportive as possible through this process. If you have concerns or specific issues that need to be addressed, please contact your college curriculum representative, GE area representative or UR facilitator. I can also help guide you to the appropriate person, if needed.

Lastly, as we move into the part of the year where the hours of darkness outnumber the hours of daylight, please be kind to each other. Especially our staff colleagues who have the massive job of executing and coding all the curricular changes we are making.

Take care,


Author: Michael B. Scott

Professor of Mathematics and Academic Senate Chair at California State University, Monterey Bay

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